b'MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENTW elcome and thank you for joining us at the 2021 Womens Leadership Conference. Little did our board know the conference theme Embracing Change, when chosen back in July 2019, would be apropos in 2021. Today we hope you are inspired by our ten presenters to carve a path toward being the leader you want to be in work, life, and volunteering; for others and for FROM OURyourself. Thank you to the WLC board for supporting this crazy idea PRESIDENT of hosting a virtual conference in 2021, something we have SIMONE STEWART never done before. We are truly embracing change with this new way of hosting the Womens Leadership Conference; we are all learning how to trust each other in order to create a conference that is a change maker for all attendees. The upside of hosting a virtual conference instead of our usual in-person conference is that attendees, for the first time ever in WLC history, will have access to all of the conference presentations for 45 days, giving you the time to learn how to use the new tools presented to you by the Womens Leadership Conference to build your future in leadership. It is our endeavor to help you find new ways to grow as a leader by empowering you, engaging you in tapping into your intuition, and igniting you to be brave and catch some courage. @wlcofso #wlcoofso2021 womensleadershipconference.net 4'