b"SESSION SPEAKERSTaking the Leap Into EntrepreneurshipERIN O'KELLEY MUCKYou may have heard the phrase courage is contagious from the research and writing of Bren Brown. But if courage is contagious, how do we catch it? As a thought partner and executive coach to leaders over the last 25 years, I often wished I could give a fast-acting dose of courage to my clients (or myself). The good news is that courage building skills can be learned. This workshop will draw upon the research of Bren Brown as well as my own experience working with leaders to look at the elements of courage and how we cultivate more grounded confidence and brave action in our lives.Change and the Soul: The Transformative Power of FlowKATE INGRAMChange can be thrillinggetting married, buying your first house, a new baby but it can also be challenging; aging, illness, disability, and loss are all changes that profoundly affect body, mind and spirit. How do you embrace change when its painful? In this talk we will explore exactly why change is so hard, even when its good. Youll learn the four ways of meeting change (and why only one of them works), and youll discover specific techniques for embracing change that will not only help you through difficult transitions, but will take you to a new level of peace, happiness and abundance.Navigating Work-Life Fit in Midlife and BeyondMICHELLE HYNESBooks, blogs, and more advise women on how we can plan for retirement. But few of us can afford, or even want, two decades of leisure. So as we move through midlife, many of us are asking ourselves how to plan for a longer and different stage of work. How might your mid- and late- life career look different than earlier stages? How can you create a work-life fit that enables you to take care of yourself and others as you age? This workshop will offer tools and resources to explore a vision for your legacy or your encore years of your career. Empowered Women In A Changing WorldELIZABETH MINERWhen women feel safe and empowered, they are stronger leaders, better workers and more creative innovators. This workshop is an opportunity to build empowerment by focusing on skills to create subtle and bold boundaries, promote awareness and practice situational responses in a safe space. The workplace is different for women and we cannot ignore this, we must skillfully navigate it. Attendees leave this workshop with tools to use in their everyday lives empowering them to create safe spaces and contribute to their fullest in all environments.@wlcofso #wlcoofso2021 womensleadershipconference.net 14"