b'SESSION SPEAKERSWhat a Difference a Change Makes: Beginning AgainDR. SHEREE BRYANT SEKOUThis session is designed for women of all phases of their careers who are interested in creating and sustaining positive change. Facilitator will lead a transformational conversation designed to elevate awareness and explore change for what it really is: an opportunity to begin again. Participants will be guided to examine their personal capacity, ability and nature and how these factors impact leadership effectiveness and their ability to successfully navigate change. Additionally, participants will have an opportunity reflect on ways to gather strength, individually and collectively, toIntuition at Work: The Ultimate Leverage for Navigating the Great UnknownJOY TAYLORIntuition is nothing new. Everyone is born with it. Not everyone uses it. Do you? Ancient wisdom, neuroscience, and modern research have discovered the profound results of developing gut instincts and a sixth sense in order to be a better leader. An essential tool for innovation and decision making, intuition results in creativity, productivity, and grace. Understand what blocks intuition and how to access it. Learn how to combine experience, data points, and intuition for professional clarity. Develop your leadership skills in the invisible art of intuition.Leading Change: Strategic Communications as a Feminine LeaderDIAHANA BARNESDiahana is an award winning Trainer, Speaker, Success Strategist, and Executive Coach with over 23 years of experience.Mom, former corporate woman, and entrepreneur she built her successful coaching and consulting business after leaving a demanding corporate job leading $40 Million dollar sales teams, client services and running marketing campaigns. Shes worked with Fortune 500 executives on their strategic communications, keynotes.She has been personally trained by their executive coaches and spoken on stages with audience sizes ranging from 25 to 500.Catching CourageCYNTHIA SCHERRYou may have heard the phrase courage is contagious from the research and writing of Bren Brown. But if courage is contagious, how do we catch it? As a thought partner and executive coach to leaders over the last 25 years, I often wished I could give a fast-acting dose of courage to my clients (or myself). The good news is that courage building skills can be learned. This workshop will draw upon the research of Bren Brown as well as my own experience working with leaders to look at the elements of courage and how we cultivate more grounded confidence and brave action in our lives.@wlcofso #wlcoofso2021 womensleadershipconference.net 13'